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CrossFit Illumine:
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Week Snapshot: Classes Using the Level Method Goal Assessment Tool

I hope everyone enjoyed the first week in our goal setting tool the level method assessment!

Click here to read a summary on of week 1 including athlete achievements!

Read on for a preview of this upcoming week!  This week we are going to be doing I level using I level method goal assessment tool on Monday Tuesday and Friday.


On Monday we will be assessing our upper body pushing ability using push ups in our Strength section for both Edge and Charge.  Athletes will receive a  progression for getting improving push ups by taking part in that baseline.  Additionally, the workout will help determine Lactic Tolerance, which is the ability to put off that burn, and then once there, to work through it.

After that, we will have a metcon that is a benchmark, but not part of the Level Method.


We are doing a Level Method Goal Assessment in strength for Charge and in the metcon for Charge and Edge.

The strength section for Edge will continue our programmed foundation strength focus.  In Charge, we are continuing our Weightlifting category work and assessing our Clean & Jerk 1RM. Like the snatch, the purpose is finding our ability to produce power, and specifically power through the hips.  This power relates to activities from jumping to our gymnastics kipping movements.

The metcon will involve rowing for meters.  Rowing is a full body, low impact, functional movement.  This is an aerobic endurance test and will help you measure your personal progress in increasing your aerobic endurance.


We are doing a Level Method Goal Assessment in strength and in the metcon for both Edge and Charge.

We are assessing our deadlift strength in the strength section.  The deadlift is a great baseline for maximal ‘brute’ pulling strength.  It provides information on core, back, and general posterior chain (the stuff in the back) stability.  This translates into everything that comes off the floor (in and outside the gym!).

After that, we will have a metcon called “Flight Simulator” for Edge and Charge testing aerobic, core stability, and skill.  Flight simulator is a fun challenging way to achieve increasing numbers of UB DUs/SUs.  Determining this number  will create goals around our core strength and endurance.  This strength and endurance will safeguards you from injury in the gym, but more importantly, in life.  The core protects the back and supports all body movement. We are also creating goals around our overall coordination.

If you cannot jump rope, we will provide an alternative workout for you.


You can run around and cardio burn without much point, risk injury, without knowing your goals or whether you’re improving, anywhere. Here at Illumine we give you the whole package. We give you a place to talk about your nutrition, make sure you are moving correctly with coach Damir, offer specialty classes for specific movements like gymnastics, kettle bells etc., and ensure you are hitting your goals with goal sessions, and now the Level Method.

We do this because we believe in fitness with a goal fitness, fitness with a purpose, and fitness were you see results.

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author: Brian Alexander