Before signing up for a meet…

  • Become a USAW member (
  • Check weight – this is not to do a weight cut but to know where you are and what weight class to sign up for. If you are sitting in the middle of a weight class DO NOT stress about losing weight for your first meet. You are just trying to make lifts and you don’t need another thing to worry about. 


After signing up for the meet…

  • Tell your coach you have signed up so he or she can plan accordingly
  • Make sure you are gearing up for it in training. For example on a Saturday (or heavy day) wear your singlet to get a feel for what it is like to wear it, figure out what snack fuels you best for heavy snatches and heavy clean & jerks (for me it’s an RX bar, Gatorade, and some gummies)


The week leading up to the meet…

  • Be in contact with your coach about your openers and warm-up attempts. You will typically hit this a week before (Saturday) and possibly Monday as well. Then you will taper the rest of the week with lighter lifts as the week goes. My personal suggestion – take one day of rest before the competition (i.e. you compete on Saturday, rest Friday, and your last day of lifting will be Thursday – keep these lifts light and snappy)
  • Plan your post weigh-in meal. Eat what you normally eat on a Saturday training day. Literally pretend it’s a normal training day. You want to practice like you play and play like you practice. 
  • If you normally listen to music in headphones, then do it, but I would suggest that you don’t. You want to remember how things feel and be able to hear your coach tell you when to take a warm-up attempt. 


Things you need the day of the competition…

  • Your singlet
  • USAW membership proof
  • Driver’s license
  • Food for post-weigh-ins
  • Snacks/drinks for between lifts
  • Someone (ideally your coach) to count for you/tell you when to take a warm-up attempt
  • jacket/sweatshirt to stay warm between lifts