Here at CrossFit Illumine our athletes represent a vast array of different ages, stages, seasons of life, goals, fitness and ability levels.  Sometimes an athlete’s ability potential can be hindered by an injury. Whether you’re the average Joe or Jane who stepped off the ladder awkwardly or are experiencing muscle strain from yesterdays WOD, injuries happen to us all.  And when it happens it comes in many different colors, some more vibrant than others.  The question is how do we face it, how do we work through it, how do we adapt?  In my opinion the two most dismal options are: 1) Nixing the entire operation and deciding working out is not for you or 2) Working through the pain, compensating for the injury, overworking and accruing undo stress/strain on those compensating muscles, tendons and joints, which then sets you up for further setback and injury.  So what’s the best option?  First – Listen to your body!  If something hurts your body is responding exactly as it should by letting you know something isn’t right.  For all intents and purposes that part of your body didn’t one day randomly decide to revolt. Instead it was triggered, perhaps abused or ignored, and now you have no choice but to listen.
We understand that our athletes aren’t always 100% injury free, it’s just not reality.  We know with most things in life a one size fits all approach will more than likely create blisters somewhere. We are always scaling, modifying, and adjusting to meet our athletes needs where they’re at – and love doing it all the while striving to deliver the best experience possible, EMOM!
One of our athletes recently learned that she had a meniscus tear.  To some degree it was a setback, yet she didn’t allow it to become a roadblock.  Meet Silvia.  She continues to come in with a bright smile, contagious energy, and a work hard spirit.  As a coach I love her vulnerability when she lets me know if it hasn’t been the greatest of days in the knee department. Yet, her profound enthusiasm in not allowing it to abort her mission makes me all the more enthused and proud of her! Throughout this season we have loved working with Silvia as she manages her injury. Sometimes the scaled version equates to an even more challenging workout than the class she is participating in.  Silvia doesn’t dwell much on her impending surgery, but instead is looking ahead at post-op workout plans which includes adding an Edge class 1x/week in addition to Spark.  We asked Silvia to share a bit about her experience  – click here.
Speaking of injury, I can’t close without a solid shout out to our in house Active Health Spine and Sport specialist, Dr. Damir Simunac. He’s put me back together after experiencing both an ankle and hip injury. He is super passionate about his practice and takes time to explain the mechanics and reasons behind an injury.  As his mission states: Resolve pain.  Optimize performance.  Prevent injury.  Additionally, Dr. Simunac coaches KINSTRETCH classes 2x/week at Illumine Niles (Tues@6pm and Sat@8am).  As both a coach and athlete I absolutely love KINSTRETCH. While similar to Yoga, KINSTRETCH is in a class all by itself, simultaneously amplifying whole body wellness and injury prevention.
In closing, if something hurts listen.  From personal experience I know what it’s like to feel discouraged from an injury. But as Coach Adrian puts it, “What’s your alternative? Sit on the couch at home?” Help us to help you through a season of injury.  NEVER allow it to be the last step of your journey!