CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905
CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905

Our Story


tr.v. il-lu-mined, il-lu-min-ing, il-lu-mines: To give light to; To enlighten; illuminate.

“So powerful is the light within us, that it can illuminate the world.”

At CrossFit Illumine we have a huge emphasis on the community within our walls and giving back to the community outside of them. We believe in building a community of people who not only support each other, but support those who need it most. Every couple of months we will provide an avenue for our members to give back to the community through various charity events. Through CrossFit, you will undoubtedly obtain a better quality of life for yourself doing things you never thought possible. CrossFit has the tendency to bring out the best in people which in turn sparks the need to bring out the best in others and for others.

We could write paragraphs upon paragraphs of what CrossFit means to us and how it has impacted our lives. The challenge for us being as passionate as we are, is keeping it short and concise. In a nutshell, we want to give everyone the chance of becoming their own heroes, of leaving the gym every day feeling accomplished and having it transfer into their everyday lives. Our mission is to simply help people realize their full potential both physically and mentally.

CrossFit is some powerful stuff when applied daily. Come in and get a dose of it!


Our athlete/performance tracker, WODIFY, allows our athletes to easily track their progress and gives instant access to all PRs, benchmark times, body composition scans, food logs and 1:1 goal setting sessions with Lifetick software every 3 months. CrossFit Illumine is a 17,000 SQFT fitness playground with only the best for our members.


Our experienced and extremely passionate coaches have the skill sets to help you in achieving your fitness goals. Here at CrossFit Illumine we strive to make you well-rounded in all forms of fitness and to have it translate into your daily life whether it is with sports, keeping up with your children/grandchildren, running a marathon, or just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. We are here to help you reach those goals and will support you all the way through it!

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