CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905
CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905

CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St – Niles, IL 60714

CrossFit Illumine

CrossFit Illumine is 17,000 square foot CrossFit gym in Niles, IL. It is one of the largest CrossFit gyms in the nation that boasts all of the best equipment from Rogue and Pendlay. There is plenty of room for activities and a dedicated CrossFit Kids area, as well as Illumine Kid care.


A few ways CrossFit Illumine is different than your typical gym.


  • 17,000 sqft facility
  • Quality Rogue and Pendlay equipment
  • Never a shortage of space or equipment
  • 6,000 square feet dedicated to Onramp/1:1 and Kids programs!
  • Massage and Recovery Room with onsite Massage Therapist
  • Illumine Shoppe with all of the best supplements and Illumine branded Apparel
  • Kid Care Room


We offer multiple programs such as CrossFit, personal training, nutrition coaching, kids and teens classes, a Legends class for those from 50-80+ years of age, and so much more.


At Illumine, you can also find specialty programs such as the Kettlebell Kartel, Barbell Club, Endurance Club, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Club, LightFit, and Gymnastics.


Our staff of qualified coaches will help you to meet your goals while you have a blast doing it!


We also offer state-of-the art In-Body Composition scans. “Lose weight” is a very vague target/goal to set.  In fitness it is easy to get discouraged by the dreaded “scale” but the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you are going to measure anything you have to measure lean body mass, body fat percentage and water weight. The In-Body 570 does just that.


Come check us out and see how we are different! We are here to help!


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