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CrossFit Illumine:
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CrossFit Illumine North:
1852 Janke Dr - Northbrook, IL 60062
(224) 585-7905
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Nutrition Program Results & Testimonials!

Curious about what Coach Heather and CrossFit Illumine’s Nutrition Program can do for you?  Don’t listen to us, listen to our athletes!  Read on for testimonials and results.

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Meet Martine!

February 2018 update!

Check out Martine!  Martine started with a custom 4 week program, then did several months of Ongoing Nutrition with Coach Heather.  Ongoing nutrition allowed them to work with variations of her diet plan and find the best fit for her permanent lifestyle.  Martine also recently wanted a nutrition refresh and did the 2018 Live Fit Winter Challenge and WON losing 3% body fat!  See below for that picture, and the link below for amazing results and testimonials from other participants!

Martine showed the team how good healthy food can be with a few key recipes.  The first big change she made was trying to food prep and cook almost all her meals.  This allowed her to feel full every time she ate, while also eating delicious food!

Meet Matt!

This guy.  Matt has been such a positive and inspirational person in our community.  In the past year, Matt has lost 28 pounds, gained 3.5 pounds of muscle, and went from 26% body fat to 15% body fat!

As a result he reported feeling better about himself, he has more energy, and recovers from workouts faster.  The most valuable thing he said he learned from our nutrition program is to eat more veggies!  The tools Coach Heather provided him through our Nutrition Coaching program have given him the ability to feel confident making good food choices and create his own healthy meals.

This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Matt though!  He continues making new goals as soon as he knocks down the old ones!

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Customized Program Participants

July 2018 Success Stories!

June 2018 Success Stories!

May 2018 Success Stories!

Meet Kasima!

Meet Eddie!

April 2018

July 2017

Meet Karla!

Meet Ronda!

Meet Tammy!

Meet Megan!

Meet Kris!

Meet Tara!

Update from her post surgery restart April 2018!


Check out Illumine athlete Tara!  Tara began with our Nutrition 101 program in the form of a group 28 Day Challenge.  Through our Nutrition 101 program, she lost 10 pounds and lost 3% body fat.  After the challenge, she continued her progress by losing another 3% body fat, getting down to 17%!

In order to maintain, Tara  decided she wanted our more specialized option, the Jump Start program, which she started in January 2017.  Instead of only maintaining, she continued to progress getting down to 15% body fat.

I usually avoid publishing women’s ages, but in this case, Tara is too good a role model.  Tara is 49 years young.  As we age we all lose muscle mass.  Therefore, decreasing our body fat percent gets more and more difficult, making this number even more impressive AND inspiring!

Tara has been one of our most create cooks, embracing the recipes on  She’s created some healthy habits that she has continued through the program including drinking more water.


Meet Ieva!

Meet Dave!

Meet Marcia!

Meet Illumine Owner Brian!

Meet Illumine Owner Char!


Meet Craig!

Meet Annie!

Meet Martine!

Meet Tina!

Meet Heidi!

Meet Laura!

Meet Liz!

 Meet Kim!

Meet Emily!

Meet Kiley!

Check out Kiley!  She recently had a baby and was looking to get back on track with her fitness routine and needed some guidance on how to fit healthy meals into her new routine.  After doing Illumine’s Jump Start program with Coach Heather, Kiley lost 2 pounds, over 1% body fat, lost 1 inch around the waist, and gained 2 pounds of muscle in only 4 weeks!

Not only did she achieve visual results, she felt better too.  Eating right for her specific body and for her specific goals increased her energy.  As a result, Kiley was able to stay on her workout routine during the 4 weeks for the first time post baby!

Meet Melvin!


Check out Melvin!  You might notice him quietly moving towards RXing the weight on more WODs, or simply working hard and encouraging those around him. What might surprise you is that he is doing this only 3 weeks post knee surgery!  Before surgery, he started Illumine’s Nutrition program with Coach Heather during the Fall Challenge.  During the Challenge he gained muscle and lost body fat!

Once his knee injury flared up and he knew he was going to get surgery, he talked to Coach Heather about her Ongoing Monthly nutrition option.  Melvin’s goal was to maintain his fitness and nutrition, and to monitor how much muscle mass he would lose during recovery.

Turns out Melvin’s own hard work, dedication to doing his PT exercises, visits with Damir, and nutrition coaching with Heather paid off.  Not only was he cleared to work out with minimal restrictions after only two weeks, he lost body fat, but did not lose muscle mass!  Now he is working with Heather to increase muscle mass while continuing to lose body fat.

Congrats Melvin!

Meet Kristen!

Check out Kristen!  Kristen enrolled in our Nutrition Jump Start Program with Coach Heather in January.  During that time she worked hard at bringing snacks to work, making up her own healthy meals using the meal plan and recipes that the program provides as a guide.  Her biggest accomplishment during the challenge was passing up a free pizza lunch at work!

Kristen’s hard work paid off.  After 30 days she lost 7 pounds!  She is continuing with the program in our Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Program.  Her positive attitude and determination make us excited about her continued progress toward her goals!

Check her out 3 months later.   Still going strong!

Meet Gloria!

Check out Gloria!  I forgot to take a before picture, and I can’t seem to get her our of wearing over-sized t-shirts….She is going to continue with the nutrition program, so stay tuned for some new gear and some before/afters!

Gloria started the Nutrition Jump Start program in January 2017.  In only 30 days Gloria decreased her body fat percent by 3%!!  She embraced the program and really appreciated the accountability check-ins so Coach Heather could spot check and correct along the way.   She was excited that the eating plan started to feel like routine instead of starvation.  Gloria focused on eating on the plan regularly, and enjoying an evening out once in awhile when it arose and without the usual guilt!

Gloria is always up for a challenge, so I can’t wait to watch her continue working toward her goals!

“I am proudest of veggies. Even with a hot meal I always at least defrost broccoli spears and make a veggie at least 1/2 my plate. Like you, I crave routine foods so I don’t need to think. I love berries with cottage cheese and a macadamia nut. Simple snack. No thinking. I do feel a difference. I am no Tara but I know it is making a difference even if my change takes longer. This is sooo much easier than paleo. I still need to work on water intake.” 

Meet Susan!


Susan embraced our nutrition program like she embraces everything else in life.  Aggressively!  A former rugby player and new CrossFitter, Susan wanted a nutrition program to go along with her new workout routine.  She started the Nutrition Jump Start program in January.  In just 30 days Susan lost 5 pounds, gained 1 pound of muscle, and lost 5% body fat!

While she was excited about that, she was even more excited about her physical well being.  Before cleaning up her diet, she had chronic hip pain.  She was about to go to a specialist, but after starting the nutrition program, found herself pain free!

“I’m not having any problems staying on the plan, and am proud to say I haven’t strayed once!! I feel much more energized, both physically and mentally. And my hip joints are still pain-free!!!! That in itself is one of the greatest benefits ever!”

Meet Austeja!

Check out Austeja!  Austeja participated in CrossFit Illumine’s Nutrition 101 program led by Coach Heather, with her husband Melvin.  In only 28 days Austeja lost 6 pounds of fat and 4% body fat.  While taking off the fat she also gained a pound of muscle!

Austeja was most excited about how sustainable she found the eating program, and how easy it was for her and her husband to do together.  They both reported that cooking became a family activity thanks to the meal plans and recipes provided by the program!


Meet Becca!

Check out Becca!!! On the CrossFit Illumine Healthy Steps Nutrition Program, she lost 2 pounds while gaining 2 pounds of muscle.  That put her body fat percent loss at over 2% is less than 30 days!!!

During that time Becca reported feeling like she wasn’t dieting at all and had increased energy.  Great work Becca!


Meet Paul!

Meet CrossFit Illumine Barbell Club member Paul!  Paul participated in our Nutrition 101 program as part of a 28 day challenge.  During that time Paul lost 13 pounds and 5% body fat!  Additionally, he gained 7 pounds of lean muscle mass!  That means he actually lost 20 pounds of fat!

Paul’s numbers are a great illustration of how the scale alone does not tell the whole story.

During the program Paul remarked several times about how easy the eating program was.  He appreciated the weekly accountability to stay on track.  Congrats Paul!!

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author: Heather Refenes