Welcome to CrossFit Illumine and Nutrition

You’ve walked into the doors of Illumine with a goal or two in mind—most of those goals revolve
around creating a healthier and more energized version of yourself. Our customized program
will help you meet those goals by building upon a strong foundation focused on nutrition—
because nutrition IS the foundation of fitness.

You can’t out train a bad diet—but you can create healthy habits. Becoming the healthiest
version of yourself isn’t starting the latest fad diet, it’s a lifestyle. Our philosophy focuses on eating
whole, quality foods to build healthy habits AND a healthy lifestyle. Food is fuel for the body.

Determining your Baseline

You don’t know how far you have come unless you know where you started. Baseline and subsequent biometrics are taken with the InBody scan. The scan measures your body composition, including skeletal muscle and body fat mass. With your results, we create an individualized  nutrition plan.

Tracking your Progress

Progress is measured with monthly InBody scans. The InBody scan graphs your body composition over time. In addition to tracking changes in weight and body composition, photos and body measurements are other tools to visualize progress.


Our program’s success relies on knowing how we fuel our body. By syncing the Healthy Steps application with your nutrition plan, we review your food diary and pinpoint areas of success and improvement. Continued support is provided through the application portal in addition to in-person check-ins.

Top 5 Kitchen Essentials

Slow Cooker or InstaPot

Baking Sheets

3- Compartment Container

Measuring Cups and/or Food Scale

Reusable Water Bottle with a Straw

Pillars for Staying On Track


Schedule at least 15 min a week to plan your meals and grocery list


Plan a snack between meals to maintain satiety

Drink at least 80 fluid ounces of water per day

Eat a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat for every meal and snack


The goal is to incorporate all 3 for each meal and snack to keep you fueled for the day.

The Plate Method Use the plate method whether you are dining out or eating at home to create a healthy, balanced meal.

Build your plate as follows:

➊ ½ your plate = non-starchy vegetables
Broccoli, green beans, asparagus, greens
➋ ¼ plate = protein
Chicken breast, turkey, fish, beef, eggs
➌ ¼ plate = starch (complex carbohydrate)
Sweet potatoes, rice, squash, potatoes,
corn, peas, whole grains

The Hand Method

Your hands can be used as a tool to measure
portions of whole, unprocessed foods.
• Palm = 1 serving of protein
• Cupped handful = 1 serving of starch
• Two fists = 1 serving of vegetables
• Thumb = 1 serving of fat

Tracking your Food

We recommend tracking your food
on MyFitnessPal. This free app
familiarizes you with serving sizes,
portions and shows you exactly what
you’re putting into your body. You
can set calorie, protein, carbohydrate
and fat gram goals—or we can set
those for you when you sign up
for a Custom Nutrition Plan!

Goal Setting 101

Set yourself up for success by creating SMART goals centered around your values and priorities. Ask yourself each of the following questions when writing out your goals.

 Look at the big picture first. What are your short and long-term health & fitness goals?

✓ Set smaller goals for what you would like to accomplish.
• Create a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list
• Use a calendar
• Prioritize your goals

✓ Set performance goals that will motivate you!
Create ACTION goals like “Do 10 pushups
a day for 30 days” or “Drink a glass
of water before I drink my coffee”.

✓ Each goal is centered around a deeper WHY. Think back
and try to remember how and why this all started. Why do
you want to be healthier? Why do you want to improve your
performance? Why do you want to make these lifestyle
changes? We can always circle back to our WHY to reset
our mindset and bring back a positive perspective.

✓ Always have an action plan. Write down the realistic steps you’re going to take to achieve your goals. If you miss a step, be ready to pick up where you left off. Focus on the positive and find the bright spots in your journey.

✓ Create accountability! By sharing your goals with friends and family,
you increase your support circle. They provide additional support and
encouragement to help you stay accountable and motivated.

Why Try Illumine Nutrition?


Proven Record of Success

Within the first 30 days, clients lose an average of 2-10 pounds of fat and 2% body fat. Additional reported benefits include making healthier choices, increased self-confidence, and more energy!



With regular check-ins and goal-setting sessions, your nutrition coach keeps you accountable.


Non-Scale Wins

Creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, while increasing self-confidence and energy.


Written by Nicole Marchand Aucoin, Registered Dietician

Based off the E-Book by: Nicole Marchand Aucoin, MS, RD, Registered Dietician & Owner of Health Steps Nutrition & CrossFit HSN