Occupation: Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) Analyst (I review wireless invoices and work on spreadsheets all day.)
Illumine Family Member Since: (month and year) June 2014

  1. How did you get started with CrossFit? I was going through a break up and I didn’t want to sit at home. I saw CrossFit Illumine on my FB newsfeed. I called Brian, not even realizing that it was him because I hadn’t seen him since high school! He answered some questions on Friday and I came in on Monday to start OnRamp.
  2. Favorite and least favorite WOD and/or movement? EMOMs! LOVE DEADLIFTS & CLEANS. HATE thrusters and running.
  3. Give us a long term AND short term fitness goal: Long term, to be healthy overall. Short term, to do a pull up, get some double unders and to start running.
  4. What would you tell someone that is on the fence about CrossFit and not sure whether they should give it a try or not? I was never an athlete and I even thought I was insane to even try it. At first you think you can’t do some of the things that you see other people doing until you give yourself a chance. It’s one of those experiences where you look back on and wonder why you didn’t at least try it. It not only changes your body but it’s an overall transformation that leads to a healthy lifestyle. CrossFit makes you a better YOU. It gives you confidence, it’s a great stress reliever and it helps you stay focused.
  5. What is your proudest CrossFit accomplishment thus far? I never thought that in one year I would do: the Open, a weightlifting class, compete in TRODO with some awesome ladies, and compete in In House.
  6. Tell us something about you that nobody knows, preferably an embarrassing story! My friend and I were traveling to ISU to check it out so I got an oil change the day before. I went to pick her up at her house and noticed that my car had left a huge dark wet spot on her driveway. I didn’t know what it was. So we leave and while driving down I-294 my car starts to smoke and I pull over to call my dad to tell him. The sheriff rolls up and asks me what’s wrong and I tell him. He tells me that my engine locked up because my oil leaked. OH SHIT! So my car gets towed to a local gas station while I wait for my dad to pick us up. He called the owner of where I got my oil change to complain and threatened to sue. Luckily they replaced the entire engine. Since then I’ve become more aware about where I take my car for its oil changes.
  7. If you could workout with ANYONE…who would it be and why? My dad. I want him to be the healthiest and strongest that he has ever been.
  8. If you could have dinner with 3 people, any lifetime, who and why? My dad’s father because I was 7 when he passed away and I never got a chance to have meaningful conversations with him. Salma Hayek because of her charity work and she’s stunning. Tia Torres because this woman does a lot for pit bulls.
  9. What do you love most about Crossfit Illumine? The community that we have here and our coaches. I LOVE my 7:30 crew because we always push each other, laugh and go to work. There will be times when you can’t think you can’t do a movement or lift a certain weight, but there’s your crew pushing you to believe in yourself because they believe in you. You sometimes think that people aren’t watching you but they are. Coach Dave has been my one constant coach and has seen me at my lowest and highest moments. He’ll make some corrections or adjustments and plays awesome music. All of our coaches are great and it’s because of them that we are able to accomplish that high that we get when we finally reach a PR or get a movement down. There’s no negative energy at Illumine, it’s my “wooo saahhh” place.
  10. What is your favorite quote and/or motto…one that you live by? “One day she realized that fearless didn’t mean you had no fear, it simply meant you were brave enough to walk through your fears. She began fearlessly moving forward toward the life she wanted to live.”

“Be strong, be brave, be fearless. You are never alone.” -Joshua 1:9