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My 11 Month Old & Programming For Your Goals!

I am extremely happy, surprised, and beyond grateful for my 11 month old – baby and body!

About my 11 month old baby.  I did not know if I wanted to have children.  I blame age!  My theory is that, mentally (and maybe physically!), people should have children in their 20s when they are nice and naive!  Once you start hitting your late 30s – you know too much!  However, I cannot express how much I love being a mom.  I truly can’t believe we all get to do this!  The experience is beyond words.

Regarding my body.  I’ve never had a positive experience working out and eating to look a certain way.  Read my post on all my nutrition journey, starting with a focus on aesthetics and low calorie here.  I love Crossfit because it set me free from that mindset.  Instead of trying to run and lift weights to look like the latest famous fitness model, when I started CrossFit, I was working out for achievement.  Since then, performance and competition, not looks, motivates me.  Achieving new feats makes me love my body regardless of my weight or body fat percent.

Therefore, getting pregnant made me nervous because I knew it would take that motivator away.  Not only could I not get better at anything for 9 months, I would get worse and be able to do less!  I had worked so hard for my heavy snatch and my multiple pull ups, muscle ups, etc.  It was really hard accepting taking a step back and taking actions change my priorities.  Where did that leave me physically and mentally?

Turns out, I didn’t care!  Once I found out I was pregnant, learning how to navigate my new body became a challenge and a source of achievement.  Not to mention feeling her grow inside me.  There is nothing more physical than that!  Also, I had been doing CrossFit and Weightlifting for 7+ years.  I knew my body.  I ended up having a lot of fun working out through my pregnancy.  Trying to maintain my fitness was a very motivating goal.  Plus, like I kept telling my husband – I got to be AMAZING every day!  It’s hard to impress people in this Instagram everything world.  Pregnancy turned out to be a good niche for me!

Fast forward to my post pregnant fitness life, and my life with my daughter.

I’ll start with my mindset.  Everything is different.  Competing in CrossFit seems silly to me.  I’m extremely content just challenging myself every day for an hour, and then getting home to my family.  Working out is still one of the best hours of my day.  I just have different motivators and goals.

Physically, eleven months later, I feel I am back to where I was, or at least very close.  Before having Ruth, eleven months seemed like a really long time.  but it flew by!  As a side effect, I am leaner than I have ever been in my life (and I am still nursing!).

What am I doing?  The same thing you all are!  I actually do one of the combination programs we are currently offering.

I am a CrossFitter who Weightlifts, but since I am also training for an IronGirl Sprint Tri, I decided to take advantage of our Next 100 Day hybrid program option.  One of the perks of being an Illumine coach, is Brian cares about each coach’s fitness and goals.  I am a goal coach for a lot of our coaches, so he is my goal coach.  Brian helped lay out this plan for me.

I do CrossFit about 3x a week, and the other 2x a week, I do Olympic Weightlifting and Open Platform lifting when I can’t make class.  I also do some of the Spark workouts at home in place of CF ones since I am currently training for an IronGirl and need some longer metcons.  Plus, I follow my nutrition program.  I am eating exactly how I advise my nutrition clients to eat, specified to my needs.

My specific goal and coordinating program:

Goal #1:  Keep my strength and muscle tone.  For this I do CrossFit for high rep resistance training and strength training combined.  I am currently focusing more on Edge type programming in strength (higher rep schemes) because I am also training for IronGirl and need more muscle endurance right now.

Goal #2:  Increase running cardio.  Spark.  I am sprinkling these in or making sure I do the CF workouts that are longer and have running in them.

Goal #3:  Improve my Olympic Weightlifting technique and PR this year.  I have been lifting for over 8 years.  PRs are super hard to come by.  Right now, I’m still trying to hit my pre pregnancy PRs.  Since I am focusing more on endurance right now, I am doing more light weight lifting focusing on form.  There are a lot of great drill in Stephen’s CrossFitters who Weightlift programming and classes helping me toward this goal.  Plus, I open platform lift when I can’t make a class.

Goal #4:  Build stronger positions in general movement and gymnastics.  For this, I am increasing the amount of accessory work I do.  I do accessory work before or after class the same way you guys would do the extra credit/finisher portion if you chose to (and more of you should!).  This just involved some free video tutorials available to all Illumine members upon doing a goal session (to determine which ones to send you) and the programmed accessory work from CrossFit classes.

Part of being an Illumine employee is maintaining a focus on your own fitness.  Brian, as my Goal Coach, and I worked together to carve out this path for me, based on my personal goals and utilizing what Illumine has to offer.

Want to do the same?  Check out these offerings and make an appointment with a Goal Coach!

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author: Brian Alexander