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CrossFit Illumine:
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North Level Method Week 1 Summary

Last week we started our week with an upper body push test – the front squat 1RM. The purpose of this baseline was to determine absolute strength.  Absolute strength provides guidance and goals around your percentage strength work and weight used in metcons.  The next assessment was running!  The primary purpose is bringing focus to practicing, improving
and testing the skill of running, and assessing your aerobic power.

The next day we spent a lot of time testing our flexibility most of us felt we did not get a workout on this day however listen to what the our In House chiropractor Damir says here:

As many of you know, Crossfit training can be demanding on the body. The movements are mostly compound and sometimes get complex. Movements such as “Thrusters” for example, require joint and muscle pre-requisites or a baseline in mobility and flexibility. If an athlete can’t bring their straight arm up towards their ear, without arching their back and compensating, well then movements such as Thrusters are going to be full of compensations that could eventually lead to injury. In Kinstretch, we move all of our joints through their full range of motion. This is important, as it lets you tune into what’s going on with each of your joints in your body. This is important to understand before getting out there and hammering your body with tough exercises at a high intensity.

The Level Method includes tests in flexibility that are challenging and might not be “related” to Crossfit whatsoever. Except, of course it relates to Crossfit. It tests you, the individual. It gives you, the human being, the homo sapien that’s physically performing these exercises, an idea of where you stand. If your left shoulder is tighter and less mobile than your right shoulder, etc. Understanding how your individual body parts function, will help you not just in Crossfit but in any physical endeavor. Use the information gathered on flexibility days as a starting point, and create a plan to improve your weaknesses. Seems like that’s the whole point 😉

After flexibility, we tested our stamina with kettlebells!  Our Kettlebell EMOM assess whole-body muscle endurance, especially in the glutes and lower back, aerobic power, grip strength, and coordination.

We finished the week with a 1RM snatch.  Snatch is part of the Weightlifting catagory and asses our ability to produce power through the hips.  Producing power through the hips relates to gymnastics movements, but it also relates to jumping ability, and properly picking up awkward objects.

Bright Spots!:  Lauren, Kyle, and Elliot PR’d their snatch!

Did I miss your bright spot? Email me and I’ll add it!

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author: Brian Alexander