Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in shape first?

No way! This is the biggest misconception about CrossFit (I know, we thought the same thing when we first started!) Yes, CrossFit is tough, but all workouts can be tailored to accommodate wherever you are in your fitness journey! CrossFit Illumine is for the all-around athlete who wants a little more from their workout AND for the person who’s lifted nothing for the last ten years and are just looking to not be in an all-out struggle while walking a few blocks or carrying the groceries. The tools required are built right into the Illumine method.

How often should I come? 

For best results, please follow your First 100 Day Prescription as written by your coach. It is ideal to workout 3-4 times per week, in addition to 1:1 nutrition coaching. Listen to your body and build a relationship of open communication with your coaches!

What is the difference between CrossFit and Spark? 

CrossFit classes focus on a wide range of technical movements that include gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, endurance and barbells. Spark classes are less technical and focus on highly effective HIIT, Functional Training and Core movements.

I’m really sore what should I do? 

This is pretty typical, your body will become more acclimated with consistency. The best thing for you is to continue your prescribed regimen, keep those muscles moving, stretch, and drink plenty of water!

What if I can’t do the weights as RX or the prescribed movements in the classes? 

No worries at all—most people can’t at first so they customize each workout or movement to something that challenges them! Our workout prescriptions are just recommendations! If you’re unsure how just ask your coach!

What is “Open Gym”? 

We allow open gym on Sundays—come in, make friends and work on some of the movements you want to get better at!

What are “Excursions”?
These are speciality programs that focus on disciplines such as Olympic Weightlifting, Russian Kettlebells, Gymnastics, Strongman, POSE Running Technique, Obstacle Course Race Prep, Mobility, and Nutrition.

Do I need a contract?
Nope! Memberships are on a monthly basis. Unlike your regular globo gym, we want our members coming in as often as they can and enjoying their time at Illumine! Come in and see if it’s for you!

The Fine Print

You are required to give us a 30-day notice prior to the next billing date. If you are unsure when you get billed email Emily@crossfityillumine.com with all membership and billing questions.