Good nutrition lays the foundation for a healthy, fit lifestyle. People have operated under the idea for years that starving yourself and eating fat-free was the way to get skinny.  However, research since then has showed us that good nutrition starts with natural wholesome foods in amounts that keep our bodies lean mean burning machines.
Start laying this foundation by joining  Illumine Fitness & Nutrition’s “Live Fit”  Team Challenge!  The Live Fit Challenge is a team based health challenge lasting six weeks.  The Challenge starts on Monday, September 10th and ends on Friday, October 19th with Biometics on:
Niles:  Sunday, September 9th 8:30am-10am.
North: Sunday, September 9th 11am-12pm
Niles:  Sunday, October 21st 8:30am-910am.
North: Sunday, October 21st 11am-12pm
You can do your before and after biometrics before any fitness class you attend if you cannot make the above.  Just send Coach Heather a picture of your scan to be eligible for prizes!
The cost is $79.
Unlike past challenges, we’ve sweetened the prize pot!  We will have weekly individual and team prizes for various achievements.  At the end, there will be a winning team and a single Biggest Loser!  The winning team will receive 1 free month on Ongoing Nutrition Coaching ($55 value!) each, and so will the Biggest Loser (2 months if they are both!).
The Illumine Live Fit Nutrition Challenge kicks off with a 15 minute Nutrition 101 & Challenge Q&A followed by biometrics (Inbody scan and waist measurement), and ends with the same biometrics 6 weeks later.
Biometrics Start: Sunday, September 2nd from 8:30am-9:30am.  Q&A at 8:30am followed by biometrics
Biometrics End:  Sunday, October 21st from 8:30am-9:30am.
If you cannot make those dates, have your Inbody scan taken ASAP before your fitness class during the week and email Coach Martine ( a picture of the results along with any questions.
Click here to check out athlete results and testimonials from past challenges!

Step 1: Nutrition
This challenge will focus on eating wholesome foods.  We will be cutting back on alcohol, foods with added sugar, and processed grains. Foods that will earn you points are meat, fish, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, fruit and healthy starches (brown rice, potatoes, etc.).
Here is the list for the Lifestyle Suggested and Non-Compliant Food List.
Points:  All weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday.  You earn 1 point everyday you only eat things on the compliant list.  If at any point during the week an individual consumes something on the Non Compliant list, you lose your point for that day.  For example, if you eat complaint foods on Monday, but then have a piece of cake on Tuesday, you lose your point for Tuesday, but start over again on Wednesday. However, if you eat off the compliant list Monday through Thursday, have that piece of cake/glass of wine, etc. on Friday, you’ll have earned 4 points for your team, and potentially 2 more on Saturday and Sunday if you stick to the Compliant List.
Step 2: Weekly Habits
Eating is largely habitual.  The best long lasting action we can take for our health is breaking negative habits and instilling positive ones.  Therefore, you can earn points for your team through completing a weekly habit challenge.  The challenge will be released every Sunday evening and will start on Monday.  Every day you complete the assigned task, you earn a point for your team.
Step 3:  Activity
Every time you do something active (you are in motion for 30 minutes or more), you earn a point for that day.  Activities can include family walks, getting to the gym, cleaning your house, etc.
Step 4:  Community Support

Community support involves not only supporting your team, but everyone in the challenge.  For every day that you post a comment to a conversation, and/or submit a post yourself (recipe, personal experience, question to the group, etc.), you earn a point!
The Point System
The system for tracking points is simple and straightforward, making it easy to hold yourself and your teammates accountable.
In total, you can earn up to 7 points a week for Nutrition, 7 points a week for Weekly Habits, 7 points a week for Activity, 7 points a week for Community, and an additional 3 extra credit points for a perfect Nutrition week.  This makes the “perfect” score for the week 31 points.
The idea is you want to hit your goal each day in order to contribute the most points you can for your team, while still having incentive to stick with it and get some points even if you slip up during the week. 
Extra Credit!:  If you do manage to eat clean for the entire week, an athlete will be rewarded 3 bonus points for their team.
Reporting Scores
Each week you will report your individual score (add all 7 days of the week together for one total number) to your team coach. Since the challenge is for six weeks, you will report to your coach six times. Your coach will then tally up the points and post the total on the Coaching Cloud conversation page so you can see how your team is doing relative to the others.
Everyone is a competitor when it comes to crossfit, so let’s see that competition in our nutrition as well!  If you are interested, register below!