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CrossFit Illumine North:
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CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905
CrossFit Illumine North:
1852 Janke Dr - Northbrook, IL 60062
(224) 585-7905
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Coaching Cloud Instructions For Nutrition Membership Athletes

Welcome to my Ongoing Nutrition Program!!!

Coaching Cloud is a platform we are using for interaction with myself and other nutrition membership athletes.  Coaching Cloud has a message board where we can post questions, recipes, funny pictures, announcements, etc. on the home page.  In The Mind Lab, you’ll find video, picture, and blog content which will help you stay on track on your nutrition journey.

Follow these steps for getting the most out of your membership!

Step 1:  Creating a Coaching Cloud Account

Look for an email from CoachingCloud Support with the subject title being “You have an invitation.”  Since it is automated, make sure you check your spam/junk folder as well.  When you open it, you will be prompted to create an account including adding a picture (optional), fixing the time zone, and creating a password.  Just follow the prompts.

Step 2:  Community Engagement

Once you have completed the prompts, your home page will open up.  On your homepage, a box entitled Community Engagement is on your right with a blue “Nutrition Community” icon.  Simply click on it and follow the prompts to share something, or comment on someone else’s share.  Comments appear down the center.

I have created that category so that it applies only to our Challenge group.  Whatever you post in this category will only appear to nutrition membership athletes.  If you click the green “Share Something” icon instead, it will share to everyone you have a connection with (listed under One-To-One on the left gray side bar).

Step 3:  Challenge Resources

Everything I send in email, post on Facebook, as well as exclusive content, I am also making available in Mindlab.  That way you don’t have to hold on to those emails or constantly refer back to them.  If you have trouble with Coaching Cloud, you have the emails, but if you get the hang of Coaching Cloud, it is a useful repository.

Access the materials by clicking “Mindlab” in the left sidebar (gray).  “Nutrition Challenge” is an example of one of my modules.

Step 4:  Mindlab Content

When you click on the module, it is helpful to add it to your Library.  This allows you to access it easier and faster the next time.  You will have a choice, at the top, to access Mindlabs in your Marketplace (all modules you have access to), and in your Library (the ones you add that you are currently work in).

In addition to Coaching Cloud, make sure you make your monthly in-person or phone appointments with me by clicking below!





You might notice above that there are also the categories:

Calendar – Will eventually be linked to the online scheduler we use at Illumine.  I might add relevant challenge dates there

Vision & Focus – Relates to Goal Sessions.  Contact your Goal Coach, or make an Goal Session appointment to learn more about these categories!


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author: Heather Refenes