CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905
CrossFit Illumine:
6663 Howard St - Niles, IL 60714
(224) 585-7905


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Reviews from our Happy Clients

Love the coaches and encouragement from the other athletes. You don't have to be young & fit to go to Crossfit Illumine. They work with all ages to help us improve our health and fitness.

Ruth S.

I joined Illumine 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The owners, Brian and Charlene, want only the best for the wise, safety wise, comfort wise. The coaches are amazing and spend time ensuring you are growing and enjoying the experience. The athletes there have become a second family to me supporting and challenging me. I was not athletic before I stepped into this box and have found a love for the sport ever since.

Rachel M.

Whether your new to CrossFit or an experienced CrossFit athlete, CrossFit Illumine offers training to all levels of athletes. The moment you walk-in through the doors you will be amazed with the gorgeous facility. The Coaches at Illumine are knowledgable and attentive to the training goals of every athlete. Most importantly the community at CrossFit Illumine is welcoming and friendly. You're always guaranteed a good workout and have a great time doing it.

Larry L.

The coaches and athletes at CrossFit Illumine, and I use the word athlete instead of member intentionally, are one of a kind. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is encouraged. Everyone leaves a better person than when they arrived – every workout, every week, every month. A member belongs to a gym. An athlete strives to improve, strives to excel, pushes him or herself to get better at their skill. Illumine recognizes that we are all athletes, some further along their path than others, but all athletes who should be encouraged and celebrated. The vibe simply emanates from everyone associated with Illumine. Stop by and check it out.

Jay M.

I have been a member of CrossFit Illumine fit family for a year and only have amazing things to say about CrossFit Illumine. I came in to them without any athletic background and I had recently recovered from a back injury. Over time, they have helped me develop physical strength, mental toughness and turned my biggest weakness running into an enjoyable activity. The programming is varied & challenging and coaches are caring. The owners put in a lot of work making sure members are happy and are invested in helping people of all levels to achieve their goals. I highly recommend giving CFI a try, you won't be disappointed!!!

Liz P.

Love love love this place!! After working out for years at a big box gym, I really value the culture and community of Illumine. From day one, all the coaches and athletes were so welcoming and it was easy to keep coming back. My husband and I have been coming to classes for almost a year and I can't imagine leaving.

Laura P.

I joined Crossfit Illumine in April 2016 and my only regret is that I wish I would have joined much earlier. It's an amazing positive community with first class coaches! I recommend this box to anyone who is looking for great workout experience, whether just dropping in or contemplating joining.

Timea G.

I began my CrossFit journey at CrossFit Illumine back in August 2015, and I have enjoyed every single minute of that. Great community spirit and atmosphere, awesome facilities, excellent and easily accessible coaches. What more could you ask for!! Check them out today!!

Matthew C.

This place is amazing! I have been bouncing around from gym to gym, and workout to workout, but the entire experience at Crossfit Illumine is completely unique, and makes me want to continue coming back. The coaches are amazing, and focus on your safety and education. Highly recommend!!!

Daniel S.

CrossFit Illumine cares about each and every member at the gym. From extras like having an onsite physical therapist, nutrition coach (☺), to numerous healthy products, Brian, the owner, is constantly thinking of ways to enhance member experience and make everyone as healthy as they can be. The atmosphere is family friendly and extremely supportive.

Heather B.

Illumine Differentiators

An enlightened approach to health, fitness and nutrition

Frequent goal setting and tracking one-on-ones with your Coach

Proven results with Inbody body composition scanner in house

Goal Based programming tailored to individual athletes needs

Custom Nutrition programs written by registered dietitian

State of the art 17,000 square foot facility with all of the best equipment

The most passionate Coaching Staff around

World Class Performance Tracking Software.

All your personal records on all your devices.

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